Terms & Conditions


Proposals are well thought out and honored by proposal guidelines specified by DSL Creative.


This is a rough estimate. Once budget is established we can adjust the costs and scope if necessary to meet your needs and set budget. Phasing the project can be done as well, along with a monthly payment plan as an option if needed.


Description: DSL Creative shall be given an opportunity to make any revisions requested by the client. If the revisions are not due to any fault on the part of DSL Creative, our additional standard hourly rate shall be charged.


Website contents; including photographs, product info, and write-ups will come from the client. In cases where the Images used are licensed or copyrighted, the Client shall purchase the image for legitimate use.


Invoices are billed every 30 days during the life of the project. Upon project completion any additonal work is billed twice a month. The project will be invoiced remaining balance after completion and approved by the Client. Payment should be made within 30 days of Invoice date.


A 20% addition of the total project cost shall be charged to the client for rush jobs. Rush jobs are determined if a project is at least 1 week ahead of the development deadline or if the Client has expressly agreed for the project to be finished ahead of the scheduled deadline.


The client agrees to pay invoiced balance in full for work done & outlined by DSL Creative. If failure to pay, DSL Creative has the right to hire a lawyer to retrieve the funds owed to DSL Creative. If Client does not win the case, client shall pay for all DSL Creative lawyer fees on top of amounts owed to DSL Creative.


A 5% interest of the invoice balance shall be charged to the client for every 30 days that the project invoice is 30 days past due

(60days past invoiced amount).


All files used in the development of client projects, including all source or originals, shall remain the property of DSL Creative until fully paid by the Client upon completion of the project as specified in the Project Time Schedule.


The client shall not unreasonably withhold acceptance of, or payment for, the project. If, prior to completion of the project, the client observes any nonconformance with the approved work, DSL Creative must be promptly notified, allowing for necessary adjustments. Rejection of the completed project or cancellation during its execution will result in forfeiture of deposit and the possible billing for all additional labor or expenses to date. All elements of the project must then be returned to DSL Creative. Any usage by the client of those design elements will result in appropriate legal action. Client shall bear all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney’s fees in any action brought to recover payment under this contract or in which DSL Creative may become a party by reason of this contract.


The estimated completion date the project is TBD. Any shipping or insurance costs will be assumed by the Client. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed with notice to the Client. Any delay in the completion of the project due to actions or negligence of the client, unusual transportation delays,unforeseen illness, or external forces beyond the control of DSL Creative, shall entitle DSL Creative to extend the completion/delivery date, upon notifying the client, by the time equivalent to the period of such delay.


We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and deliver custom, high quality, solid digital solutions that reflects your company and goals. We will work to ensure you are satisfied as a client. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.